Cars were selling for $400 delivered in Honolulu, $400 total. So this elephant for $4,000 was the equivalent of the price of a beach house on Waikiki Beach. It was a lot of money. So he used all his persuasion with both the business people, the newspapers, the school children, although he had a very rapid timeframe, a very tight timeframe. He was able to scrounge up that money in that week. And he triumphantly, at the last minute, it was a cliff hanger, cabled Joseph in Vancouver, elephant’s name was Daisy, “Bring Daisy back, we have the money.” So Daisy was essentially the central animal in the zoo. They had, at that time, a pair of lions from San Diego, some black bears, some monkeys, a lot of birds, particularly birds from this Joseph dealer from Australia. But the elephant was the, in the public mind, this young elephant was the central important creature, identity in the zoo.