She was five feet, four and a half, maybe five years old. And Joseph, they worked a price out for her. Price was $4,000, they agreed. But of course, Ben Hollinger did not have $4,000. So Ben Hollinger being the promoter he was, he said, “Okay, Mr. Joseph, I’ll accumulate that money, that $4,000 to buy your elephant. And if I let you know by cable, when you get to Vancouver, that we have the $4,000 for her on your return, will you bring her back?” And Joseph said, “Okay, you’ve got her for that.” Now the ship left the next day with the elephant. And in that week it took the ship to get to Vancouver, Ben Hollinger proved his worth as a promoter. Now 4,000 bucks, $4,000 in 1916, would’ve bought you a beach house on Waikiki, a house and a lot.