Yes. Some of the most fond memories and some of the earliest memories that I have of my childhood, is probably the single most prophetic thing, Mark, was two things, two activities simultaneously that at the age of perhaps 10, maybe nine, would be pursuits that I followed my entire life. And I remember this particular event, my mother and my aunt, her sister, who was a trained nurse, were in the bathroom. And we had a little foot and a half long alligator in the bathtub, about six inches of water, and it was one of my first reptilian creatures that we held, that I held as a kid. And I can almost recall, I don’t know whether this is from them telling me or me remembering what happened, but I recall telling them, right, this is the way the alligator moves. Actually, you will see, this is telling my mom that it moves ahead by wagging its tail and it steers with its feet. And then I can recall that, and that was one of the first events there.