For that period of time, it was called a republic, because between the monarchy, when the monarchy was overthrown in ’83, the hope was by the men that overthrew the monarchy, that Hawaii would become a territory immediately, and it didn’t. That was huge amount of political intrigue. Year after year, the queen would go back, attempt to deal with the politicians in Washington, please don’t take the islands as a territory, we wanna go back to the monarchy. That went on for a number of years. Finally, at the time of the Spanish War, Spanish American War, when we acquired Cuba, we also, the United States acquired the, they adopted action in Congress to declare Hawaii a territory of the United States. So it had only been a territory for a very short time, and then during that brief time functioning as a territory with the territory legislature, the city was established. So the City in Honolulu was established, it was, I believe, in 1907. So less than seven years, the zoo began after the City of Honolulu was established, really early, not early from the standpoint of Philadelphia, but early from the standpoint of being an American city.