And I’ll go back a minute more. Well, a tiny bit earlier than that. Historically, Hawaii was a actively operative monarchy, Hawaiian islands were until 1893, when then queen, Liliuokalani, was essentially disposed from her… She was urged out, forced out, and many books have been written about this, by a group of descendants of missionaries, primarily Americans and other businessmen, but mostly Americans, that with the encouragement of a group of marines, US marines, that happened to be on a ship in the Honolulu Harbor at that time in 1893. From 1893, the businessmen, the American businessmen, of course, urged their congressmen to make Hawaii a territory. Hawaii, the first American real interests in Hawaii were acquiring the rights to Pearl Harbor, because Pearl Harbor, of course, economic, from the military standpoint was an enormous advantageous position for our Navy fleet, being almost halfway to Asia, stopping point. So we negotiated, the US negotiated to get the rights to Pearl Harbor. Then the US, for seven years, between 1893 and 1899, no, 99.