So as a consequence, he lived a life of multiple marriages, and he had this interest in zoos. He had a zoo in Santa Barbara, California, well, animal collection, at his property in Santa Barbara. And then in about ’36, he moved to Hawaii as a second home. And he bought an island in Kane’ohe Bay on the opposite side of the mountains from Honolulu on the island of Oahu. And he put up a massive dredging operation and he increased size of the island from about four acres to about seven acres with dredging the coral, which would not be permitted at the present time, scooping the coral in. He built a show place Where movie stars, Amelia Earhart stayed there. He entertained lavishly, presidents, President Truman, leader, stayed there after… Chris Holmes became an active member in the community, became a member of The Parks Board, and he inherited, he purchased this small elephant from probably Hagenbeck, had her shipped over, pictures of her when she’s maybe six, seven years old, he brought chimpanzees in when they were babies.