Far fetched, as that may seem at a local dairy, which is located right now on the grounds of one of the classiest hotels in Hawaii, out of town, about five miles, resided an elephant and the Bactrian camel, and two chimpanzees, adult, very large Chimpanzees. And these animals were, as to do with pet animals that are at the level of elephants and chimpanzees, you have to have a bit of a bizarre background. And the bizarre background, Mark, in this situation, was one of the wealthiest men, he was a player in this. I never met him, I wish I had. One of the wealthiest men in the nation. He was the heir of the Fleischmann Yeast and Fleischmann Yeast. Fleischmann Yeast and Fleischmann Gin organization, manufacturing company, and his name was Chris Holmes. Now Chris Holmes was many times married, and was essentially what you would probably call a jet setter, and the joke was that he, a bad joke, utilized, not just the money of his Fleischmann Gin heir, but he drank a fair amount of it.