And as a people were released from the Navy duties based on their appoint system and the people that were unmarried with no dependence were the ones that were retained the longest. Married folks and particularly those with kids got out sooner. So somebody had to run the ship to bring our troops back from the south Pacific, from the Marianna’s, from the Philippines, from New Guinea. So I was still, during the tail end of the time in the Navy, I was assigned to the Dock Master’s Office at Pearl Harbor to help dock the ships that were, they had called it Operation Magic Carpet, to bring the troops back to the US. And they turned the ship that carried the most people were aircraft carriers, and their whole decks were laden with returning servicemen. So during my time there in the Peace Time Navy, I got to know certain Navy officers that were resident there in Honolulu. And then, of course, I got to know the university people in the year that I attended the university of Hawaii. And naturally I took biology and zoology and botany courses up there.