Absolutely, it is. One of the finest things that has happened in Hawaii is that since the nene was established, which we helped to do in 1957 by the legislature, two years before Hawaii was a state, it’s become that endangered endemic bird. Our Hawaiian geese have become the symbol of the islands and accepted as our official now state bird and the mother goose rhymes that we all grew up with as kids have been translated to two, two, nene rhymes, mother Hawaiian goose or anti Hawaiian goose legends, and the identifying in a positive way, through merchandising of the nene, which is part of this print, of the other official emblems of Hawaii. The state flag, the tree, which is a kukui tree, and the white hibiscus is the state flower are adopted as a very… The symbolism on this shirt happens to be produced by one of the highest end fashion firms. These are not inexpensive shirts. This is not what the tourists would get off the rack, unless he wants to pay considerably more than $100 dollars for it. We identify them with quality.