Okay, the way it came about, when I first came to Hawaii in the Navy, I went around Diamond Head in a Navy troop ship or a Navy, going to be assigned as a landing craft officer on on a ship that carried both the troops and the landing craft. I went around diamond head in early one February morning, and I looked up there in those green hills. And even though I’d left one of the prettiest places in the nation, San Diego, I said at that time, I’m going to live here. So after the war in ’46, I got married and I went back, well, went back with my bride or bride to be. And we went to, we got married in my hometown there, headed in where I’d went to high school with my uncle and his wife, my aunt. And then we went down to see Mrs. Benchley with my new wife. And we had this conversation, as I recall. She said, “Well, Paul, now that the war’s over, are you gonna come back and work with us?” And I said, “Ms. Benchley, I sure appreciate that you’re feeling that way, but there’s an opportunity to build a zoo in Hawaii.