To be involved with, to be meaningfully involved, truly accomplishing an important purpose is challenging. I think to be internationally involved is to join the agencies, World Wildlife Foundation Fund, but the other is to become active in getting to know, at least, as a paper person, your Congress and your senator, Congress person, and your senator. And have you and your friends effectively communicate with them on conservation manners, whether it’s fish and wildlife service, whether it’s endangered species identification and administration. And the other thing as the larger zoos have done, and some smaller zoos, identified with an individual research facility. As I mentioned, Honolulu Zoo has a tenuous and far too limited sister relationship with this research facility, that’s really funded on a shoestring down in New Guinea. That a few dollars on the part of funding, funds raised by a small zoo to buy needed equipment, whether it’s medical, veterinarian equipment, other equipment for that facility, a Jeep, a used Jeep, tires, radio equipment, particularly for the enforcement officers of whatever the conservation activity can, just a few dollars can, for a particularly a smaller facility, research facility, beyond the shores of the US can be greatly significant.