And as a result, the US Department of Agriculture became the lead agency. They’re now 22 employees on Guam, deal entirely with the brown tree snake. A varying amount of sniffer dogs, three or four teams operate to inspect the planes before they leave. It’s always the trouble. It’s always the fear during a recession, in their downturn in the budget, that 100% of the snakes won’t be detected. All of the airplanes won’t be fully inspected, but such a program exists now, which didn’t exist then, and we can be very proud of that. And then so far, except for those nine snakes that we know about that came in, half being alive, we know of no others that have entered Hawaii from Guam, and more important, none are established in the wild, and that is our fear, that they’ll become established. And the economic loss of causing blackouts by climbing the electric wires is enormous.