And he had retired and he agreed to serve, and he was close friends. He’d served in the 442nd infantry division, for which Dan, Senator Dan in Norway had also served and lost use of his arm. And this chap, Bill Thompson was hugely instrumental in helping us obtain money primarily through Senator in Norway, through the military budget, which essentially the snake was involved with the military in two ways, A, it probably was introduced by the military during the war, by surplus materials coming, the movement of road building and other heavy equipment to Guam from the outer islands. And also by the fact that the Navy controlled a very large amount of land on the island of Guam that was occupied, the whole Northern end, by Anderson Airforce Base. So not the Navy, but the military controlled that huge amount. So the military was directly involved in the snake. And we were able to get a tiny grant from the Hawaiian electric company, just a pitten of $37,000. So our group went to Guam, made an analysis, discovered that there were huge loopholes in the gaps in the net of detection, no dogs were used, and we recommended, that dogs were sniffer dogs that trained to detect the brown tree snakes be established in both Guam and here in Hawaii for this.