And it provided this opportunity that I, at the time, I had enough of, I think from my mother. My mom taught me to take advantage of your opportunities. And this day is only never gonna reoccur, this is it. And when our ship went to places for weeks at a time like New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and even though we participated our landing craft in five different campaigns in the Philippines, two times, Leyte, Lausanne, Carolyn Islands, Palau, and another Carolyn island. And then the final landing was in February of ’45 just four months before the war ended in Iwo Jima. And that was a marvelous, as I say, training under critical conditions and everything in Glen Eastwood’s movies about landing in Iwo Jima was true. It was a messy, difficult, cold time in February, but it was marvelous training. And that brings us to Hawaii, Mark.