To a degree, yes. The mayor, Neal Blaidsell, was so anxious to do a good job of keeping up the zoos management, that he sent his assistant managing director down to the West Coast and he saw me, we arranged to meet and he said, “Will you set me up? Will you join me and will you meet and arrange to meet with the curators and the boss of the San Diego Zoo, and get together and advise me on how best to evaluate the applicants that I’m going to… I’ve been sent by the mayor to interview, to pre-interview, pre-select. They’ve sent in their applications, and I’ve got a list of about six or so people that do interview. Oh, I want you to help me with the criteria what I’m to look for, what to ask about.” So he came over, (indistinct) was his name. And he came over and we spent probably five hours at the San Diego Zoo with the… Charlie Schroder, the director, was not there, but we spent it with the bird curator, K.C. Lin, my reptile curator friend, Chuck Shaw, and the mammal curator, George Purnell. And we continue to stress the importance of a good leader and integrity and reliability, and somebody that really values communication with, both within the zoo, and particularly with the media.