And I could perceive, we were well aware that he’d be reluctant to give us a geese, not gonna just say here. So I was the youngest of that bunch, and I was 26 then. And I approached him and I said, “Mr. Shipman,” he hadn’t told us no and he hadn’t told us yes. And I said, “Mr. Shipman, I’m just starting at the zoo. I’ve only been there two years.” I said, “I plan to stay a long time.” I said, “We know that the previous time you lent the birds in the ’30s, the government officials disposed of them badly. They didn’t give them back to you as they should have. They gave them away to other people. But I’ll tell you one thing, Mr. Shipman.” He had been dealing with, by mail, Peter Scott, at the Well Fowl Trust in Britain.