Now it’s a thriving and it was in too active community. So we had to approach this formidable character, and we did it through this intermediary that was a brother of a friend of mine, and so who was a prophet. So we went to his home prearranged, he was gracious as a proper landowner should be. However, he was absolutely aware of what we wanted, and we wanted to borrow some of his geese to start a breeding flock. He had been burned once severely by a previous time that the government, in the mid 30s, had built a game farm for birds on Oahu, and they borrowed some of his geese. For some reason, the game farm, the support evaporated, his geese were given out to politicians instead of back to him. And as a consequence, he was very negative, very in that, and other reasons made him very critical of the territorial government, which we, in his eyes represented, which we were, even though the zoo was sitting in county of Honolulu. So we spent a full day with Uncle Herbert, and we made the presentation, and we could see that he was not really moved.