We determined the full wild population was probably no more than 30. So there is a endemic bird that, actually, it’s endemic genus, that is now down to numbers that it were (indistinct) close to the extinction. The reasons probably introduced, similar to, you read Quammen’s “The Song of the Dodo”. It’s almost identical to the dodo. People killed them as they killed the dodos, only they did in the 1600s, and the dodos, even the primary killer of the dodo was, in addition to pigs and dogs, it was also monkeys. We did not have monkeys as predators, but we had the pigs and the dogs, and we had greedy people. The Hawaiians lived in semi-harmony. They didn’t become dramatically low in numbers during the Hawaiian times before Chapman Cook, that mostly occurred probably from the 1800s on, actually even sooner.