It didn’t with these cassowaries. We had to actually go in, push them apart. Fortunately, they didn’t… She was the aggressor, she was the biggest one as is the case in cassowaries. And she did not attack us, she was really heavily injuring him and there was some bleeding, but we forced the one that later did determine, because it had successfully bred. We forced him out and then put them together the next day, repeated the same thing, only they were not quite as aggressive, still a water hose. And then the third day or third, just before the third egg, it would be several days later, putting them together, that that time they were very wary of each other, but they did not fight, and they did mate twice. And based on that, we figured that was hopefully that mating would’ve been result in a fertilized egg and she laid one more or two more eggs. But then we separated her from the eggs, left him in her former pen with the eggs and left him alone with the eggs.