The concrete floor was removed, turned into grass, And in Congress, as it appeared, cassowaries were living behind three quarter-inch bars, but they were thriving mostly on a diet of chopped bananas. But the caretaker that took over after the bird park, superintendent, had been reluctant to ever put them together because he’d been told by the bird park superintendent that they were very aggressive birds toward each other. And because of their aggressiveness and the hazard of their almost three-inch long claw, that the inner toe had, the nail was very enlarged into a weapon that they would use to kick forward. It was a very powerful fighting tool, and they would kill each other by slashing and causing a lot of loss of blood. So he had been apprehensive to ever get them together. So very, very slowly and carefully, we determined the schedule. The easy part was determining the schedule of when this most consistent layer would lay eggs. She’d lay three, two days apart, and almost invariably in the same time of year, almost to the day, as I recall, it was early May, right about now, and then she’d lay her three eggs and just walk away and ignore them.