And this was in early days when postcards did not reveal. You did not see nude postcards and nude pictures of semi-naked ladies at the corner drug store. So he asked me with a kind of a smile and a little bit of embarrassment about pictures of Hawaiian ladies that only were wearing just a graph skirt. And I said, “Sure, let’s go try this guy.” I said, “I’m not sure whether he has them or not, but if there’s anybody that’s gonna, it’ll be this little shop here,” which was in the international center. And I just knew this, enough about this guy’s shop to know it was a little shady. And so first I did the talking because Bernard had a strong German accent. And I said, “What about,” first I’d found that what he wanted was color slides. So I asked the guy and the guy looked around like I was perhaps a government official, and I looked innocuous enough.