With the technicians and with the boss, the civil service commissioners that were just people, people that the head, the chief of the civil service commission was a plantation owner that had salt water aquariums, just as I did. And we’d skin dive in the same place to catch salt water fish to take home to our salt water aquariums. So I knew him on a totally friendship basis. So when I would make applications to increase the salaries of the keepers and consequently the keeper, supervisors, and right on up the line, except for me, the technicians listened and paid attention. And I learned from them what to ask and what to change, and what to modify in the job descriptions based on reality as the zoo grew. One thing I did was make everybody interchangeable, which was a little awkward and an operational standpoint in terms of keepers, birds, reptiles, mammals, but it gave me a stronger basis to support their responsibilities, broader range of creatures I was supposed to care for. So when the applications, when I would submit requests for upgrading the salaries of the keepers, both the civil service technician levels would approve it, had approved it informally, previously. And so by the time it got to the Civil Service Commission themselves, who were personal friends, that it was approved.