So I got to know Ms. Benchley, who was in the… They called her executive secretary, but she essentially was later, she did the same duty, but she was named the director. Dr. Harry Wegeforth was still alive at that time, he died in the middle of the war. But she somehow, or other had met me as an employee, even though my direct boss was Cy Perkins. She walked around the zoo and kept up, she and Cy were close friends. And so she’d gotten to know me and I was fresh and enthusiastic, and I had a driver’s license. So commercial license was unnecessary in those days, so I’d just been able to drive less than a year and she named me as one of the drivers, promoted me. I remember the salary, it was $5 a day, which if I had to pay to do the job, I would’ve been happy to have done it, but that was the salary at that time of a bus driver.