But in all my years, I never gave instructions to any keeper, ever, unless he was the one person on those animal trips that we made on ships. Of those seven trips on ships, three of them, I had one supervisor keeper along. The other four, I made alone. But they were the only time I ever instructed a keeper directly to do anything. If I would’ve, if there had been a cat getting out or a bear getting out, but that never happened when I was there with just a keeper. So essentially, what it would add up to be is I followed the chain of command. So the supervising keepers would never have to wonder if I had even hinted to the keepers, hey, this might be a good idea to follow up on or to do this differently. So there was never, I wanted to as really carefully avoid any feeling that I would, in any way, go around or undercut a supervisory keeper at any step in the chain of command.