Oh, Sir Edward, of course. Sir Edward, meeting that man, he was so, made such a, just as Emily Hahn said in her book, he had the finest, most original mind. Spending the days, I spent several weeks with Sir Edward in Sydney, several months actually, before going up to his nature sanctuary in the central highlands there in new Guinea. And Sir Edward, I don’t think I mentioned to you how he became the wealthiest man in the continent. He was an inventor and a manufacturer, and he invented the kerosene refrigerator. And whether he adapted that invention, And this is what Michener discusses, in “Tales of the South Pacific”. One of the things he mentions about Sir Edward. One about the fridge and one about his nature sanctuary in New Guinea, that the, imagine that the outback, visualize the outback of Australia for a moment, and realize the distances are so vast, that there are many areas that do not have electric power.