Congo was giving and forgiving, and would reach out toward us with his arms up and cuddle us in his arms or we would cuddle him in our arms. Cameroon was very different. He coward when we’d approach him, he’d shield his face as though he expected to be slapped. And we just, from that behavior, we attributed that to the fact that he had been mistreated someplace in Africa before, after his mother had been killed, and while he was cared for as an infant before Dr. Pickett got him and brought him back to us. And they grew up together and both thrived for the year about in our house until they no longer required the 24-hour care. And they slept together, they were sleeping with one of our children. Each of them had a gorilla as a sleeping companion because they were very dependent with animals for the year they were at our house. And gradually, we weaned them away from all that attention they devoted their attention to each other.