Just part-time weekends, school holidays. But even with those school holidays, I had a Model A Ford, that when I was a junior in high school, I’d worked as a firefighter to earn money, which was a frequent thing at where I’d gone to high school there and summer jobs. And I earned the money to acquire a Model A, I don’t remember the cost of any of my other cars of which I’ve been many, but that Model A, Mark, was a 1931 Model A Ford, that year was ’38, so that made it only seven years old, but it was in perfect shape, and I paid $47 and 50 cents for it. And ran beautifully, I could take it apart, learnt to put it back together. And it was to be a teenager interested in reptiles in San Diego, to have a Model A Ford, that in two hours could be in the Bargo Desert, it’s fantastic, or straight south in the Baja, south of Tijuana, down into Lower California. So in addition to working in the zoo on the days off or weekends and vacations, I squeezed trips with Chuck primarily, and Chuck’s then girlfriend, who later became his wife and mother to his three kids. We would, four of us and my girlfriend, would travel to Lake Sabino Canyon in Tucson, and collect all those wonderful Arizona rattlesnakes, bring them back to San Diego, and San Diego County rattlesnakes. Which the rattlesnakes were one of the biggest trading items, rattlesnakes as the reptiles to trade for the San Diego Zoo with the other zoos.