It was this young gorilla that weighed about 15 pounds, was delivered to us at the conference, but we had no place to put him. He was delivered by a veterinarian named Deeks Picket that brought in, from time to time, had arrangement with the Cameroon government to bring an infant orphan gorillas that the parents, mothers had been killed to be eaten by the natives. And this was an arrangement that he had, to go get the young ones, and care for them and bring them over. So we needed a place to take care of this gorilla while we were in Long Beach. So Ken Norris, we’d gotten to know a bit, just socially, And Ken had a very obliging wife, and this little animal was essentially the same care as a human baby. And so he stayed during the, his name is Congo, during the conference down at Ken’s house. And with Ken’s wife taking, and their daughters taking care of it. And my daughter who was Marley, who was at the, the daughter worked at sea life park so long.