Ken Norris helped mostly by being a good friend. But in 1960, we went to the zoo conference, the AZA Conference, it was held in Long Beach, California, that year. And Sir Edward came up to that and that was a delight ’cause I’d just been down with him earlier that year, getting the birds-of-paradise, and I urged him to come to that conference. And Mrs, Benchley had retired so she didn’t come up, but I was the active, essentially his sponsor when he was here. It was the first and only AZA Conference that he attended. So the way this ties into Ken Norris. Ken Norris at that time was a curator of marine land of the Pacific Oceanarium that was just south of LA on the Palos Verde Peninsula, and Ken lived down there. And one of the things we did at the conference was get our zoo’s first gorilla.