So I’d read those, and I knew about him and I said, “Wow, that’s great.” And then I said, “Well, what do you guys have in mind?” And she said, “Well, Chuck Bogart said that you could help us.” And I said, “Well, okay, what do you wanna do?” And her name was Karen, Karen Pryor. And Karen said, well, we wanna build an oceanarium. So I said, “Well, let’s take a deep breath.” And I said, “Three other groups have wanted to build an oceanarium here, and they bumped into all sorts of problems. Tell me about it.” So they said, “Well, my husband, Tap here,” who’s a tall blonde lanky guy, “is just getting out of the Marine Corps. He’s a helicopter pilot, and he has been interested in Marine biology. And he comes from an adventuresome family.” And I said, “Well, what sort of adventuresome?” Karen said, “Well, his dad is the vice president of Pan-American Airways.” And I said, “Gee, that’s,” I said, “Oh, that’s the guy that’s building his vacation house over on Maui with Charles Lindberg?” And she said, “Yes, that’s correct.” I had gotten some stories in the paper that Charles Lindberg had worked with PanAm for a time after the war and before the war, and scouted routes throughout the world, but particularly in Latin America. So I said, “Well, okay, how far have your plans gone with the oceanarium?” And she said, well, it’s this and this and this. We’ve talked to the people at Marine Studios down in St. Augustine, and this was before SeaWorld had started.