And Ernie studied, he asked about the connections between when PanAm stopped in the West Coast, what happened from there to New York. And David told him, and Ernie said, “Now, wait, let me see.” And he asked his schedulers, and they were able to arrange, change the flight that was programmed to come through the connecting flight from the West Coast to New York. And he got a flight that left almost four hours earlier, and it took the same duration. And later David told me, and he said, in this article, in “The Geographic”, he said, if he had to take… if he had been required to accompany the platypus on that earlier, I mean that later, four hours later flight, he strongly suspected that at least one of them would’ve died enroute. That that four hour shortening of their stress in the crate, despite all of this ideal design made the huge difference. And then the kiwis, the kiwis would come through. The director of the zoo, Ed Roach is the chap’s name that was in charge of the zoo in Auckland in those days.