He’d gotten them to Manila on a US Navy flight, somehow that had reconnected from the Admiralty Islands to Port Moresby, a complex route that Sir Edward employed when he could get no other way to transport animals. He would utilize the benefit of our military, on OC military aircraft. But at any rate, George Scott came through with this series of birds of paradise. We put them on our trucks, we came out, put them in our service areas, aviaries. So if a bird did come out when it’s cage was being cleaned or shipping container, which is beautifully done plywood boxes, the birds would be in our service area at the zoo concealed in, I mean, covered with an aviary so they couldn’t get loose. And all of the birds, we fed them papaya, and George got the first rest that he’d gotten in a long, long time. And that was a very frequent thing, that the people, that zoo folks that would come through, We would, we developed a procedure with the airlines that they would advise us in important shipments as far as possible as they were scheduled. And we became close friends with, it was never for money, but the huge satisfaction in making sure that the animals got the best care they could in Honolulu.