One of them is Emily Hahn was the author of a book called “Animal Gardens”, which is about zoo directors. And she mentioned that Sir Edward Holstrom was, of all the directors that she interviewed, which are maybe two dozen for this book, traveled all over the world, he had the most original mind, and he truly did. The other author of Jim Michener mentions in his book, “Tales of the South Pacific”, he mentions it’s about one of Sir Edward’s interest, which is the a final preserve in the central highlands of New Guinea. It’s about a mile high in a place called Nandago, where he had more than 80 aviaries, beautifully planted aviaries with no visitors. Almost nobody gets there. And when I was there in 1960, the residents, the employees were… It was just when they were picking up western clothing dress. And it was when loin claws and grass skirts, and no shirts for either gender were the uniform of the day, where the men were still carrying bows and arrows, and spears when they walked about the village.