Oh, that’s kind of a tough thing to discuss, is why… And part of it, the people in Hawaii, particularly those of a Hawaiian ancestor have been very, very good to me. And I’ve done my best, Mark, to provide a good zoo, to get professional help, to build the zoo, design the zoo with Ms. Benchley’s help by sending Ralph Verden over to make the layout, the three avenues in Waikiki that delineate the zoo. But Hawaiian people particularly, well, one thing is even though the Hawaiians and part Hawaiians only represent a relatively small percentage of the population of Hawaii today, a number of them are in positions. Hawaiians have been noted orators for long, and very skilled, and they’ve been… Many of, they followed professional politicians and leadership that… A sizable percentage of the political leaders in Hawaii have been a part of Hawaiian ancestry, and they always gave me a great deal of support. And I think that that support, it wasn’t to me, it was for them to build civic pride in their community by having good zoo and by supporting a good zoo, and so essentially supporting me.