And Archie was a hard worker. Father died when Archibald was 18. Archibald continued the store, became friendly with the King Kalakaua, married the king’s younger sister, Miriam, who owned a great deal of land and some homes in this Kapi’olani area. And one of Archibald Clayhorn’s achievements was planting the banyan trees that exist today in both the Kapi’olani Park and where a hotel called the Princess Kaiulani exists. And the princess Kaiulani was, is on Waikiki Beach, and it’s built on Clayhorn’s property. Because out of his, during his marriage to Princess Miriam, who was Kalakaua’s youngest sister, they had a daughter, Queen Kaiulani or Princess Kaiulani, and Princess Kaiulani had two things, two animals that had a relationship with our zoo. One, she had a giant tortoise. Giant tortoises are collected by the whalers in the Galapagos and carried a board for food.