Gabe continued, just as he had trained him, “Steady, Rusty, steady, head down, head down,” and we got under that bridge successfully. And that was the biggest breakthrough in that whole trip. Because from then on, we got on the ship. It was in the winter, it was November. The ship rolled and pitched and Rusty did well in the rolling and the pitching, he could adapt to that in the crate, but getting under that bridge was the, really, one of the most critical steps in my career, ’cause my credibility was at, again, that was the first real test. Up to then, no matter how good a proposal I would explain to people, moving the animals from the dairy was not a breakthrough. The real breakthrough was that shipment. It was just the day before Thanksgiving, and it was a terrible fog, and it was so such a severe fog that I have the Honolulu clippings, “Worst Fog to Hit West Coast”.