And I finished high school there, grade school, high school in Ontario, California, Chaffey High, and San Diego State was only, and still is only 100 miles away. And San Diego Zoo existed, and was not only thriving, but a form of zoo in the west, in the ’30s as you folks well know. So I would go down there either hitchhiking. It’s hard to believe that a 14-year old kid could hitchhike. No problem out on the road, picked up by truck drivers, hay truck drivers, and anyone going into San Diego. So my uncle and aunt urged me to attend college down there, which I did, and which was a glorious time because I did not realize, as kids don’t realize the bigger picture, and the bigger picture then. I graduated from high school in 1940 and was active in boy scouts. And the war clouds on the horizon were evident in the hindsight that war had already engulfed, begun in Europe, but it seemed far away, particularly when you’re a teenager.