Well, Louis Goebel and his wife, Kathy, at Thousand Oaks, California, which is 50 miles north of LA, now huge booming suburb of LA. At that time, it was a tiny rural area that was essentially among other things, a movie set for westerns. And with the rolling hills covered with live oaks, and Louis Goebel had an establishment called the Goebel Land Farm. And she said, “Louis is a fine,” Mrs. Benchley said he’s a fine honest animal dealer that you will be able to trust. And he is the source, he’s bringing in young elephants from Bangkok, and he should be the source for your companion elephant for the one that you’ve just received as a gift. So I began to communicate by telephone and letter with Louis Goebel. And Louis became a lifelong family friend and an enormous support. And it was through Louis and the San Diego Zoo that we were able to be truly effective in getting animals for our zoo, because Louis with his animal farm in Thousand Oaks had the facilities, both for holding animals and for transporting them.