There’s gonna be a big demand for giraffes, it’s going to be slow to be met, because remember, giraffes usually only have one child, one baby at a time, and they have a long gestation. So it’s a slow process of creating a herd of giraffes. So I recommend you get those. And you can begin with this, the animal that we have here, that our young male that was born recently. So I said, “Great. So we’ll design, that’ll be the next thing we build after the simultaneously with our elephant pen, our permanent elephant pen, the permanent chimpanzee place and the camel place.” Fortunately camels are easy, but… And as a result, the first animals that we got in addition to replay an elephant as a companion and the camel was a giraffe. In 1949, less than two years after I’d been in the job, we made our first of seven trips to the mainland to bring back animals. Now, to do this required an organization that on the West Coast, we had the San Diego, had two agency, two groups, the San Diego Zoo from which we got the giraffe, the camel and some sea lions, because that was another recommendation that Mrs. Benchley made and which we built a sea land pool and a giraffe pen as the first units beyond the gift animals.