And that was a goal that Mrs. Benchley particularly emphasized, get reading family groups. So early on after, the first requirement was to get the additional, an elephant as a companion to the one that we just acquired by gift. We didn’t need more chimpanzees, we needed another camel, a Bactrian camel to round out the pair. But then Mrs. Benchley and I would talk and she would, and then I’d say, “Okay, we’ve done so well with your help so far, what animals do you recommend next?” And she’d say, “Well,” she did say, “You know, Paul, what’s gonna happen is I strongly recommend giraffes.” And I said, “Gosh, aren’t they awfully expensive and difficult to ship?” Yes on both accounts. However, there’s a big shortage of giraffes right now. Very few zoos have any, or have breeding pairs. The ones that are in zoos are getting over their breeding years, and we have one of the few breeding pairs. I’ll save you a current young giraffe if you wish to develop a herd or a breeding group of giraffes.