I did, and that goes back to in Georgia, before I left Georgia, they had a statement, a saying, thank God for Mississippi. And the reason for that, I suspect you might know, that in the then 48 states, Georgia was 47th and Mississippi was 48th and such standards as education and per capita income and that sort of thing. So when I was 13, just turned 13, my mom got sick with a very rapid form of pneumonia. She died within a very few days. It was just before Christmas in ’35. And I was put on a train with a pet turtle to go to the West Coast and live with my dad’s brother, my uncle, and his wife who had no kids, and I’d never met him before. He and my dad had sold bonds together. And in terms of schooling, it was night and day because Southern California, where they had an Orange Grove had good schools, far superior to Georgia schools.