Yes, one of the unique things that we had going for us, a very special condition was occurring. Remember the timeframe here, it’s right after, it’s the year after World War II is over. All of a sudden, those penned-up demands of those five, four war years where zoos could get almost no livestock from either Southeast Asia or Africa, with the difficulties of shipping. All of a sudden that pen up demand could be met. And in addition to that demand was the fact that air travel before the war, PanAm ran planes, amphibian planes down to that Manila clipper, they called it. They had sleepers on board, they were very slow, but that was the first real air transportation. It was still ships. And then after the war, the planes, the cargo aircraft that had been developed, the biggest cargo aircraft that came into use was the strata cruisers, which were essentially modified B-29 bombers that were used in dropping the atom bomb.