So they did great coverage, not only for the Honolulu papers, but for the San Diego Union. And an answer to your question, I think that one sentence is the best answer. The credibility, the integrity, the fact that, essentially, we were filling a need that was favorable. It was part of civic pride. The same business of building, rebuilding a zoo that had withered away to a handful of goats and monkeys, and still a remnant fine bird collection that had been maintained during the war in the face of huge shortages of food for the birds and manpower. All sorts of problems were faced during the shortage of food that the man that, the caretaker, Lewis, at the time of the war was in Canada, so he never came back. So the Waikiki Bird Park essentially just status quoed, and the caretaker during the war worked really hard to maintain the birds, and he did a fine job, and many, many birds survived during those four war years. Cassowaries, cranes, some cockatoos.