She was essentially being evicted. So The mayor’s friends after he died called me and said, “Paul, you know Aunt Jenny’s got those 30-something peacocks out there. Will you buy them for the zoo?” And I said to the mayor’s friend, Arthur, I said, “Arthur, I’d like to, but I know that we’ve got enough peacocks, the zoo resident peacocks gonna just chase them over the fence to Wakiki Beach and the hotels.” I said, “I’ll find you buyers, I’ll find Aunt Jenny buyers, and I’ll help her get relocate the birds, ’cause I know how important the bird’s welfare is to her, but I can’t get them for the zoo.” So I called two people, and I continued to build credibility, Mark, particularly with the reporters and with favorable newspaper stories. And even though I wasn’t on a social frequent communication with the power structure, it was enough of a relationship that I could pretty well accomplish what I needed to accomplish. So I called two people, one, a guy that was developing a hotel on Kauai that was having a few animals, and he’d asked me about getting water buffalo for it. And I said, I explained to him that the situation with Aunt Jenny and her lease expiring and her supporters wanting to put her in a rest home, ’cause she was 80-something and had arthritis, and was getting too old to take care of her birds. And particularly she was being evicted. And so I said, “Will you take half of them?” And he said, “Sure.” “And will you pay her this?” He said, “Sure.” And this was a nice inflated price.