Well, I mean, it didn’t work out for a different reason. I mean, Kelly, unbeknownst to us came in and had TB and she was one of the first elephants with TB, since then, is a more common occurrence than that. And Kelly was a good animal, we had to deal with a TB animal, I don’t wanna use the word nightmare. I mean, there was a huge amount of care that had to be put into this animal with the limited resources in terms of treating this animal for TB, she was kind of like isolated there. I mean, the feds, they weren’t gonna allow us to move her with her condition. She was at LA, I mean, and there was a rush to get her. I mean, if we waited long enough for LA, they may have discovered that she had the TB when she was down south and it wouldn’t have been our problem, but there became a rush to bring her up to San Francisco as a companion animal. And that turned out to be some of our undoing, dealing with her.