We can’t devolve man. We can’t euthanize the population. We can’t bring the world back to way it was, whether it’d be a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago or a million years ago, it’s evolving. I don’t know if two years ago, certainly still talk about it, that global warming, now, you know, more often than global warming, I hear climate change. Some people that were saying, we were destroying the world, making it warmer, and that may be true, I didn’t hear that much climate change a couple years ago. I hear that commonly now, have I looked into it, not really. I mean, what I see on the news or, you know, have ever read a few articles, but I can’t say, if it’s really, the world has warmed and cooled and changed numerous times over years, what what’s happening now is that normal. It certainly is possible in my mind.