Another one of those, I feel strongly both ways When you visit a zoo, the most typical, I mean, if you were to draw what your average family is, whether it’s a male that’s 37 years old and a female, 29 years old with 1.6 kids. And that means one, no 1.34 kids, not using zoological terms. I always think there’s certain expectations that you wanna see in the zoo and it’s the basic zoo animals. If you wanna see the lion, the tiger, the red assed monkey, the elephant, zebra, there’s certain basic animals that one has expectations for it in the zoo. Unfortunately, zoos haven’t had the success with elephants that they’ve had with many other species, I say one of the few failures, in terms of managing elephants for long term, but that being said, I think it’s one of those animals that you need, you know, that the public wants to see, that you can’t replace. Coming to a zoo and seeing animals and smelling animals and looking at animals, and then if you get the opportunity of touching animals. That’s part of human culture wanting to do this. I mean man wants a relationship with wildlife.