Well, I don’t know, to start with Sauls, evolution not revolution, don’t expect to change things overnight, nobody, nothing will be able to do that. Zoo is for people. I used to say that zoos are run for zoo people. You know, a deer is a deer, is a deer, is a deer. John Q public doesn’t know a white tailed deer from a brocket to a barasingha deer. You know, it’s a deer, it’s got antlers, it’s a reindeer. So, but you know, many collections, know there were zoo people that would want to get every species of deer, we won’t mention names. Or primate, and certainly you look more old school, I guess, the new school, because I would imagine, it seems like most new directors now are business people, where they have funding experience and management experience, zoos used to be, like I say, run for zoo people.