I’m old school with my opinion of what a zoo should be. And though, you need the animals and you need conservation and you need education and you need research. The only one that should be, well for the most part, the only one should be the animals. People should be come to zoo to see animals, and there’s no one possibly that can tell me that they could make it better seeing an elephant that’s on a computer or computerized, than seeing and smelling and getting near the real thing. And though for zoo’s own survival, I mean, they have to do the education and conservation and research. Some of that stuff may be better off not in the forefront, but I mean, still you have to figure out how you’re gonna fund it to accomplish it. And I’m telling you, I’m suggesting to do something, but I can’t give you a solid answer, how you’re gonna accomplish that, because you know, it it’s for the same reason, I would imagine that there’s certain things that you have to have at a zoo and I’ll use the great example of bathrooms. Well, I find that it’s gonna be very hard to get a donor who will build new bathrooms at a zoo.