And it fired a projectile syringe, which was an aluminum tube thread on each end. Had a needle on it, screwed on one end and the size of the needle depending on what kind of animal you’re gonna use it on. And then on the middle we put a rubber plunger, and there was a little powder charge slipped in the rubber plunger. And then we screwed a TL piece on that. So the theory was that when the thing hit the animal that the hammer in the powder charge would overcome the spring that held it back and it would hit the powder and explode, and inject whatever was in front of it, into the animal. This worked pretty well except sometimes it’d blow the end off the syringe, and it’d come flying back past my head. So they started making the syringes outta heavier material. The first syringes they made, they used a chemical reaction and it just didn’t inject fast enough.